MajestEYE joins the British Telecom innovation cluster

We are happy to share with you that MajestEYE has just been admitted to British Telecom (BT) Incubator, Innovation Martelsham.

MajestEYE has just been admitted to the British Telecom (BT) incubator, Innovation Martelsham and therefore inaugurates its office in Great Britain at BT’s R&D Headquarters, AdastralPark, where some four thousand BT researchers and engineers all work the days on the most advanced technologies. In addition, more than 140 companies at the edge of technological innovation (Cisco Systems, Huawei Technologies, Accenture, Bearingpoint, Intel, Ericsson etc.) are part of the same cluster, Innovation Marlesham.

In addition to direct access to the cluster, MajestEYE will benefit from personalized support from BT’s experts in the execution of its development strategy. Meetings with investors, potential partners and prospects will be organized, as MajestEYE advances in the execution of its strategy.
MajestEYE is delighted with this international recognition of its technology and will take advantage of it to continue to be at the forefront of innovation, for the good of its customers and partners.