MajestEYE winner of the “Best Artificial Intelligence solution in e-health” competition

Jihed Hannachi – Co-Founder of MajestEYE receiving the award on behalf of MajestEYE

In recent weeks, the spread of the Coronavirus across the world has continued to make headlines and cause the authorities and civil society to be extremely worried. It also monopolizes the efforts of a large part of the international scientific community in the search for a remedy that could stem the specter of an increasingly real and threatening pandemic.

In this context, and thanks to its own DrugEYE ™ solution, MajestEYE has succeeded in generating the functional characterization of Coronavirus genes outside of the laboratory by relying on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. A feat of extreme importance in that it allowed us to understand the functions of the genes that allow the virus to attack living cells.

It should be noted that DrugEYE ™ technology makes it possible to reproduce this and automatically and quickly perform the functional characterization of any new virus on the basis of its genome, and in addition, to generate a shortlist of promising molecules in the development. no effective remedies.

With its cutting-edge solution, MajestEYE was awarded the prize for the best Artificial Intelligence solution at the 5th International Digital Health Forum, organized by the International Forum of Realities and the Tunisian Society of Telemedicine and e-Health which was held in Tunis on February 27 and 28, 2020.