MajestEYE is selected by JICA , the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, among the top 10 most innovative start-ups in Africa in the framework of the international innovation competition NINJA (Next INnovation with JApan).

JICA selected MajestEYE for its Artificial Intelligence solution DrugEYE™, which sets to disrupt the Drug Discovery & repurposing process.
MajestEYE introduced DrugEYE™ earlier this year demonstrating astonishing speed, accuracy and precision in analysing SARS-CoV-2 and is now a scalable solution that enables pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories to analyse any microbial-organism in record times and in a fully data driven way. JICA selected DrugEYE™ among 2 700 submitted projects.

Jihed Hannachi, Co-founder of MajestEYE, will present DrugEYE™ on 26 February 2021 to 3 000 Japanese companies representatives in an event organised by JICA and NIKKEI.

Jihed Hannachi declares « After its introduction to the British and German Markets, DrugEYE™ continues its International saga with an introduction to the Japanese market in collaboration with JICA. We are honoured to represent Tunisian and African innovation internationally. MajestEYE made a strategic choice for innovation and autonomy by developing our own Artificial Intelligence technology. DrugEYE™ being featured internationally is a consequence of that strategic choice. We are both proud and determined to continue on our chosen path.»