Our Story

Our Story

MajestEYE is the result of the encounter of two friends – a data strategist and a business strategist – who have a shared vision for dealing with data to effectively build data driven businesses. 

The co-founders formed an amazing team of data scientists, developers and business experts who transformed their vision into a technology powered by an award winning proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. Our technology makes cutting edge Data Science available to business experts and analytics experts alike, accelerating AI adoption, deployment and scaling within the organisation.

With MajestEYE’s technology and solutions, businesses of all sizes transform their data into an asset that allows them to consistently and timely answer their business questions at the scale and speed of their operations, providing them a leap ahead of their competition.

MajestEYE is more than just a technology company. It is a well-orchestrated composition of vision, technology, data science and business expertise. We have a unique recipe - not just the ingredients - to help you successfully build to an all-data driven business. There lays our strength.

J. HannachiCo-founder