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We are a data science solutions vendor. Our mission is to enable, assist and succeed your transition towards a data driven business model.

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Thanks to its positioning, state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology and top level data scientists, data engineers and subject matter experts, MajestEYE is able to provide solutions for a wide range of challenges across various sectors.

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What They’re Saying

Most of our best and most creative ideas come when are brainstorming with MajestEYE! Its been a pleasure combining our respective areas of expertise on conflict prevention and data analytics to improve peoples lives and livelihoods in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. Thank you Jihed Hannachi and team - heres to many more years of fruitful collaboration!

Josie Lianna KayeDirector and Co-founder TrsutWorkd Global

…The can-do thinking and positive attitude that they had and have during the program permeates through all of MajestEYE. It's a great experience when working with them, giving and taking feedback and always able to improve where needed.
I am not an expert in data analytics, but I do know that they have passion and work ethic to reach far. I recommend MajestEYE for any collaboration.

Adrian Ng GonzalezMarketing Manager at UnternehmerTUM

…I believe they would successfully bring value to any corporate innovation program focusing on Data Analytics because they showed maturity both working as team and communicating at the highest level with their stakeholders. MajestEYE's technology is perceived - from the interaction they succeeded in creating through our program - as innovative, very promising and even disruptive. Their audacious positioning as vendor in the highly competitive data analytics market denotes a bold entrepreneurial mindset and a clearly unique vision, which I witnessed in their pitches.
I highly recommend MajestEYE's amazing team, technology and relentless drive.

Yahya MarzoukGeneral Manager at Westerwelle Startup Haus Tunis

It has been a pleasure to have Majesteye on our OCO UK government funded accelerator programme in Tunisia since late 2019. Majesteye have an impressive skill-set and stellar solutions and Jihed and his team are always proactive and professional. They take on expert advice and at times constructive criticism extremely well, it is a great asset that Majesteye never rest on their laurels and are constantly developing their solutions and business strategy for their target market. Majesteye are one of the leading voices and stars of our programme and have become a model of how a Tunisian start-up should continuously, listen, explore and develop to move towards growth.

Kush BoparaiSenior PM and Head of Digital Innovation, OCO Global

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