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SkEYE is a technology developed by MajestEYE and is a crucial core component in its products.

SkEYE is a multilabel learning system for predictive analytics. The system was evaluated on real data where it achieved impressive results. The major difference between SkEYE and the other analytics methods is its ability to generate concise predictive models with the highest representativeness and coverage. Using the right combination of statistical quality measures, SkEYE finds all possible significant relationships between input data and the desired information to predict.

The extracted knowedge is exhaustive, yet too large to be utilised effectively for decision making and particularly infeasible to apply on large sets of data.This exhaustive knowledge is then put into a fast reduction process based on solid theoritical concepts. In this process, models are elegantly and considerably reduced in number and aggregated to form concise predictive knowledge i.e. SkEYE knowledge.



MajestEYE applies its predictive analytics technology to investment and offers institutional investors and policy makers / advisors InvestEYE, which provides predictive analytics on investment trends (among others companies size, geography, sector, investor profile).

InvestEYE gives investors a leap forward by foreseeing the investment dynamics. It provides both policy makers and advisors an objective solution to measure the effect of investment stimulation measures or to define such measures in the first place.

InvestEYE is powered off the shelf based on company creation data and can be enriched by the investor or policy maker’s proprietary data or any other external data.

Main features:

  • Visual analytics features: Interactive Investment Heat Map (geographical, sector, investor profile and investment concentration over time)
  • Investment trends prediction
  • User profile based dashboard


MediaEYE is a radar of the media landscape. It provides not only TV ratings in a continuous way but also insights and foresights on audience's behaviour and trends.

Were you a medium owner who would like to know their rank in the audience preferences, a stakeholder who would like to advertise their products or any economical/social/political actor who would like to reach the maximum of people, MediaEYE will help you acheive this goal.

Main features:

  • Media barometer
  • Audience segmentation in terms of topics and trends
  • Automatic up-to-date dashboard
  • Automatic advisor for advertisement/appearance channel choice


MajesyEYE applies its predictive analytics technology to politics and offers Political Parties, Media and the public interested in public affairs PoliticEYE, a sentiment analytics solution that monitors the public debate on the high issues on the political agenda and provides users a data driven tool to shape their propositions in line with the public opinion.

PoliticEYE provides Political Parties, Media and the public an objective data driven base to debate on issues, challenge the various propositions and involve effectively the public.

PoliticEYE is powered off the shelf based on open data and can be enriched by the proprietary data of Political Parties, Media institutions or open government data.

Main features:

  • Interactive Politics Heat Map per topic and opinion evolution over time
  • Sentiment analytics/prediction per topic
  • Automatic data update
  • Profile based dashboard with specific focus per topic, region, audience, etc.


Are Data Science and Business thought leaders with more than 12 years of experience in their respective domains.

Has the right mix of specialised functional and technical skills to develop and deploy our products.

Is that data reflect fresh knowledge that fosters the experts' learning and drives better decision through predictions and visualisations.

Is data driven knowledge discovery for descriptive and prescriptive purposes. We help our clients leapfrog their competition not only by taking knowledge-backed decisions but also foresee the impact of their planned actions.

Is to be the preferred partner in the transition to a digitised, data driven business model.

We see and foresee based on 4C core values: Commitment to Partnership, Commitment to Innovation, Commitment to Integrity, Commitment to Excellence.


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